The Timewaster Diaries


The Timewaster DiariesRobert’s novel, The Timewaster Diaries, came out in late 2008.

It was ‘Book of the Week’ on Radio 4 – read by Paul Whitehouse.


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    • Nicola M

      Brilliant book, just finished reading it 🙂

    • Thanks very much – or should I say, all the billy best!

    • Ken Moss

      Any chance of a sequel? After my random buying of ‘The Timewaster Letters’ on Boxing Day four years ago you’ve now got quite a following in Lostock Hall, Lancashire. I must admit I didn’t know that you were Robin Cooper until today but I’m loving your work, ‘Look Around You’ was a superb parody for those of us who grew up with 70s and 80s schools programmes!

    • Many thanks for that. Sadly no sequel to the diaries. But so pleased you chuckled!

    • As Nicola said already and I am adding my vote to this brilliant book. Yes I recommend this book to todays modern minded people. Great reading.

    • Thanks!