The Other Side (Radio Spiritworld)


Radio-Spiritworld-(Inter-dimensional)Radio Spiritworld is the only radio station broadcasting from the afterlife to Earth. The Other Side is its weekly programme of everything that’s going on in the afterlife.

Written, produced and performed by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz.

Listen here (on the show’s website) or download from iTunes.

Stay tuned during 2010: The Other Side is coming to BBC Radio 4 as a new 4 part series.

  • James Grebmops

    Did anyone record this? If so, do you plan on putting it up one day?

  • Oh yes do please do something else with it. I loved it I really want to hear it again.

  • peter t

    i just cant wait tio hear Usabius and whatshisname back on air- it really is pant wettingly funny i dont think ive laughed as much in years- and I laugh several times a day.

    peterturner974 (youtube)

  • aprilpressley

    this is absolutely brilliant. I laughed so much I inhaled my soup and nearly joined the afterlife myself.

  • Susan

    Hi Robert.
    Any word on when we can expect The Other Side to be broadcast?
    Really looking forward to it – still laughing at the first one.

  • Sorry – no news as yet. 🙁

  • Sorry – no news as yet. 🙁

  • mat

    can't wait for more radio spiritworld. was best thing i heard last year.

  • Voice of Lorimer World Service

    The RSW ident was heard on 6Mhz yesteday, a test transmission perhaps………

  • Brett

    Can't wait for this to materialize on Radio 4.

    I've not heard spirits as funny as this since I played the free flexi disc from the front of “The Unexplained” magazine…. decades ago.

  • Thanks. I had that disc too. Was so scary. It's now found on a CD called the Ghost Orchid. Worth looking for.

  • Jason

    i like to think its a real station………the after life is going to be an early evening in late 70’s britain……. around autumn time……in my mind anyway…..

  • Any more news on this Robert? Did you actually record an more for Radio 4? I listen to the first one regularly 🙂

  • Sorry – we haven’t made any more at the mo cos we’ve been so busy. Sorry! So pleased you like it. Wish we could magic loads more right now for you 🙂

  • Harold_Ramp

    Hey Robert, I always laugh when I listen to this Radio Spiritworld piece, is there still any likelyhood you will record some more of these?

  • Thanks – would love to but we’ve been so busy. Maybe when we die.

  • Thanks so much – maybe one day!

  • lams

    Listened to this so many times. It’s spectacularly/spooktacularly good. Parts of it actually make me feel a little sad.

  • Sean Mark Cooke

    It’s been many years…and we’re still dead. When will we get our voices back?