Robert and Peter Serafinowicz have created a new world religion, called Tarvuism. This is an online and TV series in development.

Praise Tarvu!


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    • Hebbo!

    • finally, a religion that makes sense

    • Monko

      The great thing about Tarvuism is that it’s so easy to join. It’s really a fantastic religion.

    • Flammenfisch

      My life is complete, now that I can converse with octopuses. And I punched my first ox today!

    • Hebbo!

    • It was so easy to join(tm)… and now I understand all those strange feelings about octopuses…

    • I hope there is a campaign to make Tarvu the new officially recognised religion of the 2011 census (just as Jedi was in 2001).

    • Fiona Pymont

      Where's the flying saucers?

      It's not the same without the UFOs!

    • You need to add Tarvuism to wikipedia 😉


    • juanponchovi

      It was so easy

    • juanponchovi

      It was so easy

    • Ariel

      I just want to say I've been a Tarvuist for about a week now. It was so easy to join and its really helped me with my life. I read all the books in just 8 hours. it was so easy.

    • Tarvu — The religion for people who like elephants AND trains!

    • Lesleygilmore

      It was as if the universe struck gold, and the light did st shine on my soul, tarvu appeared to me smartly and behold I was the disciple. A boy from edgware anointed leader of a world religion, couldst the unique brand of spiritual materialism we were raised in, have pushed this once innocent lad into comic mysticism. Stuck out here twenty years in queensland I googled retrospectively a childhood name to find he haas created a religion compatible with living in a trailer park, and so blessed by this revelation I join my tarvu brethren in mashuginistism.

    • Dazzles

      It actually tastes just as good as it looks – thank Tarvu for that!

    • Neil Courtis

      I have been sitting on the fence for some time about committing to Tarvuism. And I continue to do so.