Look Around You


Look Around You - Robert and Peter

    “One of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen” | Matt Groening, The Simpsons

Rose D’or winning and BAFTA nominated comedy series for BBC2. Robert wrote, produced, starred in and composed the music alongside Peter Serafinowicz.

Look Around You aired in America on Adult Swim in January 2009.


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  • Selected Clips

    Series 1: Thanks Ants, Thants.

    Series 1: Find out everything you need to know about the brain

    Series 1: Learn all about music

    Series 1: The famous ‘Little Mouse’ song that reached No. 1 in 1980

    Series 2: Watch the computer games of the future

    Series 2: Machadaynu – the remix!

    • peteroflynn

      Kevin Eldon singing of Machadaynu is, quite frankly, the funniest thing I've ever seen or heard. He also reminds me of my friend Jem (who is really like that!).

      Will there be a 3rd series of Look Around You? It was the best thing on TV.

    • Thanks you very much but no there won't be a third series. Sorry!

    • Guest

      I love the Little Mouse song. The medibot episode is great. Ok, all the episodes are great. I didn't recognize your face without the 70's hair. So what's the next project? Have you been/will be on the Peter Serafinowicz show?

    • In math class this week, after a mind-numbing video on linear equations, the teacher turned off the projector and remarked “Once they run out of Look Around You, they should run these. No one would notice the difference.” You obviously did your job well.

    • That's great!

    • That's great!

    • Dave

      You've embarrassed the Pipe!

      Quality entertainment, one of the few DVDs I actually own along with peepshow,inbetweeners, the peter serafinowicz show and older British comedy.

      Comedy Genius.

    • Ta muchly.

    • Richd506

      Look Around You is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen! Absolutely brilliant! One question though. Is there going to be a USA format for season two?

    • Thanks. Fingers crossed…

    • hththt

      Is this the Robert Popper who played the classical piece at the end of Season 1/Episode 1 of The It Crowd? If so, can you please tell me the name/composer of the piece? It’s familiar and I should know it, but I can’t think of it. I love your guitar work.

    • Thanks – yes it is indeed. It’s a Bach piece! Cheers!

    • I absolutely loved ‘look around you’ how you condensed the whole of the 70’s british tv into a show, I’ll never know.

      just found out who you are and that you have been involved in almost all my favourite shows. ever. hello!

    • Thanks so much Rachel.

    • Yakovtolstoy

      Please make more! I beg thee

    • Gavin Drake

      Not many comedy shows grab me in the first few seconds but from the old schools and colleges logo to the BBC Radiophonic style music this dead.

      I laughed and applauded. Truly a underrated work of genius.

      Well done indeed.


    • Cheerz!

    • Han89

      Thanks Rob. Throb.

    • Yelruh Hcaz

      What is the possibility of Look Around You: The Motion Picture?

    • We’ve always wanted to do that!

    • Cptjny

      Hi Rob, could you tell us the name of that piece? its a arse to find. Cheese Man, keep up the good work !

    • What piece? Sorry – am not sure what piece you mean.

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    • hikaru

      i’m pretty sure that Cptjny was referring to “the classical piece at the end of Season 1/Episode 1 of The It Crowd”, the one that you said was “a Bach piece!”

    • m9

      What’s the name of the bossa nova/chanson music that plays over the Look Around You season 1 credits? 

    • It’s something Peter made – we call it ‘St Tropez’!

    • Benwhome

      I love the inane grin while presenting Look Around You – truly Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond’s spiritual predecessor!

    • Mr Camouflage

      It’s J. S. Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (from Cantata 147)

    • Jake Hamill

      I absolutely love the music in the show, and have been looking everywhere to find more of it on it’s own! I’ve only found a little snippet on youtube (a little diddle doodley on the keyboard); am I looking in the wrong spots, does a grouping of the shows music exist? Luv and kizz’ from Austin!

    • Thanks – we haven’t grouped it all together. We should, I know! Thanks so much 🙂

    • Trav

      After years of not watching this show I have made it a mission to find these clips again.. So freaking hilarious! There needs to be more…………..

    • Thanks Trav. Thav.