Friday Night Dinner – Series 4 is coming


Jim covered in blood.

I’ve known for many months, but now it can be officially announced. It’s happening, folks!

First off, apologies to all of you lovely people who asked on twitter, ‘Is there going to be a 4th series?’ only to have no reply from me. I wasn’t being rude, I was just not allowed to say until ‘the announcement’.

Anyway, I’m so excited to be writing again for my incredible cast, and to be working with my lovely director, Martin Dennis. And, I know, 2016 is a long way off to wait – a mixture of the cast being so busy on other shows, because they’re so good, and me having had some other writing commitments. So apologies again, but hope you’ll all tune in for more japes next year.

Thanks again for all your support and kind words. Robert šŸ™‚

  • Just delightful. Best part of Fridays.

  • Just delightful. Best part of Fridays.

  • Thanks so much T!

  • Thanks. Dads just love batteries!

  • tommalin

    What a brilliant show. Love the dad with his shirt off and lovely squirrel. So so funny from start to finish. Keep it up…

  • Shit on it!

  • Ralph

    This is the funniest thing on TV for quite some time. Robert, you are a genius.

  • Mintadon

    Amazing. Have already got a space reserved on the shelf for the dvd. Paul Ritter’s fantastic – thanks for the painful flashbacks last week of trying to show my dad how to use the internet…

  • Yes, dads on the internet! Cheers.

  • Um. Maybe not genius. But I accept you liking it! Thanks!

  • Thanks muchly.

  • Russell

    Friday Night Dinner is my absolute favorite at the moment… I’ve watched every show twice as I keep missing so much laughing….! Love it!!!!!!

  • Lizzie

    I simply LOVE this series. its quite the best thing on tv at the moment x

  • Thanks Lizzie!

  • That’s really sweet of you. Cheerz!

  • Raymond

    I adore this show, fantastic work Robert! Thanks to FND I have now developed a massive crush on Tamsin Greig and a sudden urge to play childish pranks on my brother………I’m 42!

  • Go for it!

  • Diane Greaves

    I agree, the series is fabulous. You’re not alone: I’ve got a massive crush on Paul Ritter – and I’m 47!!! He’s gorgeous, and is so much like Dave my partner both in manner and looks. I can also see my Dad in Paul’s character, smuggling stuff in and spending time in his haven – the shed! Paul’s my new muse!!!! xxx

  • Diane Greaves

    The show is fabulous, especially Paul Ritter who is brilliant AND gorgeous – I’ve got a massive crush on him!x! He is very much like Dave my partner in his behaviour and looks. Paul’s character also reminds me of my dear old Dad who used to smuggle things in (trying to avoid my Mum), and spending most of his spare time in his haven…the shed, sometimes creating wonderfully odd inventions. Keep making me laugh Paul, you’re my new muse!! xxx

  • Thanks – hopefully Paul will see this!

  • Funny. You very funny. Love Friday Night Dinner. So does Grayson and he is usually scathing about television. Congratulations. Clear the mantelpiece.

  • Chris

    Really enjoying FND, Rob. Particularly Jim and Wilson. Reminds me of a guy round the corner who similarly can’t control his dog.

  • Thanks. Glad there’s a real Jim out there!

  • Many thanks of you. Grayson’s work is stunning so I am completely flattered.

  • Sammy H

    This has to be the funniest thing ever!! Me and my husband have cried laughing at every episode. Fancy a bit of squirrel Jackie!!!! Love it Love it Love it! Thank you Robert Popper

  • Sammy H

    Back again! Jim, Wilson, Crimble Crumble I laugh as I type!!!

  • Thanks – and glad you like a lovely bit of squirrel.

  • Cheers!

  • Wasabesam

    Mazel Tov on yuor 2nd Series. Now could you please sned someone round my house to clean the wee off my carpet!!!

  • On their way…

  • Chris

    “wilson….. wilson…….”


  • Lizzie

    Dear Robert,
    Soooooooo pleased that there is going to be another series of FND, my husband and i (!) have really enjoyed the first series (sounds very royal!!!). I’ve posted before regarding the fact that it would be really positive for us if one of the boys is gay. Obviously its not going to be Jonny!! but Bobble??? oh please consider it.
    Good luck with the new series, when will it be out !!!!!!!!

  • Thanks again. As for storylines, I’m still thinking. Cheers!

  • You could do something set on a Thursday night and bugger up the continuity!

  • Ta v v much!

  • Daniel

    anyway to watch this in america?

  • Not yet sadly.

  • Alcohol-free lager in the secret shed fridge. Brilliant

  • Thanks!

  • Shmoigel

    Work of genius. The mercedes/shmoigel episode is the funniest thing on tv since, well, cannot remember. All our family cannot stop laughing. Hhhhapppyyyy b b b b birthday pusssssface.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Lizzie

    Just watching my favourite episode of Friday Night Dinner (episode 2) I’ve laughed so much i really do feel quite sick, its simply hilarious. LIce? Mice? Oooooohhhhhhh I LOVE IT.

    “Oh hello Elvis”

    i’m just a little bit in love with Bobble!!

    Can’t wait for series 2


  • Thanks so much. Writing away at the mo…

  • Janemlfletcher

    Very funny. Jim’s appearances are inspired. A hint of Alan Statham without being a reprise, wonderfully acted. Also lovely ensemble work from the whole lot. Roll on series 2

  • Ta!

  • Vic

    My sister called me just afterĀ ‘The Mercedes’ episodeĀ had been on and she could barely speak for laughing. Even now that word makes me snigger. Brilliant!

  • Thank you so so much.

  • Friday Night Dinner, The Office (UK), and Arrested Development. Three best comedy series post Seinfeld.Ā 

  • Shucks!

  • Lizzie

    Trying to be really patient, but what news of another series of FND??? can i start getting excited or will i have to remain patient and just keep watching series 1 over and over??