Friday Night Dinner – Series 4 is coming


Jim covered in blood.

I’ve known for many months, but now it can be officially announced. It’s happening, folks!

First off, apologies to all of you lovely people who asked on twitter, ‘Is there going to be a 4th series?’ only to have no reply from me. I wasn’t being rude, I was just not allowed to say until ‘the announcement’.

Anyway, I’m so excited to be writing again for my incredible cast, and to be working with my lovely director, Martin Dennis. And, I know, 2016 is a long way off to wait – a mixture of the cast being so busy on other shows, because they’re so good, and me having had some other writing commitments. So apologies again, but hope you’ll all tune in for more japes next year.

Thanks again for all your support and kind words. Robert 🙂

  • Donald Clankenstein

    I was drilling into a concrete fence post last week (not a euphemism!) and the bit snapped….. I instinctively shouted SHIT ON IT!!…. they spent the rest of the next few hours chuckling…… many thanks for such a great show – Dan

  • Glad to have been of service.

  • Many thanks. Writing now. Filming next year, so will be second half of 2012. Cheers!

  • Kephara

    Just finished watching episode 6 here in the US.  This show is hilarious and once again affirms that British comedy trumps all!

  • Brian

    Just saw the series on BBCA in the US – Delightfully funny – well done characters and situations! Many thanks for sharing it with us – looking forward to many more!

  • Thank you so much Brian.

  • Jpuelles86

    Love the series. Wish we had this type of quality series in America. Great thought out comedy. I’m happy for your comedy and BBC America for showing the series in the US. Could I submit some writing to you and get some feedback from you, Mr. Popper, master of laughs?

  • ElegantArtist

    First off I <3 Friday Night Dinner. This show is the reason I'm on this site with 4 tabs open tab 1: Youtube – Friday Night Dinner: The Sofabed, tab 2: Youtube – Friday Night Dinner: The Mercedes, tab 3: Friday Night Dinner: The Dress and tab 4:
     😀 congratulations on season 2 and much continued success. I can't wait for the glorious entertainment 2012 holds.

  • Thank you very very much!

  • Atxdesigns

    Love this program, can’t wait for next series.

  • Cheryl

    I really love this sitcom. I am so pleased to hear there is going to be a second series. Nice to have new material on the TV. Congratulations with it’s success and good luck with it’s future!

  • So has Martin been forgiven yet for accidentally burning Val’s dress on the bonfire?  And not burning his copies of NEW SCIENTIST?  (my dad used to hoard old copies of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the same way.  We were still throwing out copies from 1967 after he died . . .)

  • What a refreshing show!  I really can’t stand American TV comedies and just love this show on BBC America.  I have loved Mark Heap since Big Train.  Thank you for making me laugh every Friday night with your show!!

  • Many thanks!

  • Xxmorganaxx

    When do you think we’ll start hearing more news about Friday Night Dinner?

  • It’ll be on next year – we start filming in March. Thanks

  • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This news has made my night!

  • Hernan

    great series! i discovered this when i was living in UK. what a pity,back here in Spain, we don’t import more series for your country wich is outdoing Us series.
    Don’t say about all the remakes and now they`re preparing one of this too!

    what’s Chance are there to import this to spain? Please, we need this kind of series here to improve our dreadful tv!!

    Keep up the good work!


  • Rebecca

    please hurry up!!! want to see more!

  • Murphypauli

    I cannot stop laughing it is absolutly hillarious I Love it 

  • Ang

    raymond- she also does this show in the states called Episodes.  The first season was hysterical!!

  • Hans Jonsson1

    Great stuff! Is there a release date for the second season yet? 🙂

  • google

    fantastic one of the best comedy’s ever

  • Emma

    Love this show so much. So so funny and brilliantly written. Thank god I am not the only 20 something who goes home to my parents for dinner and sees her dad in a shirt one minute then goes into the kitchen to find him sitting shirtless the next because he was too hot!! Congrats on the awards and nominations and long may the success continue with series two

  • Stevo Babs

    Really enjoying Series 2, it was very funny when Val started talking about a lovely bit of squirrel! I also rewatched “I think I’ll have champagne” about a hundred times.

  • Simon Cooke

    Nothing else currently on tv has me in tears of laughter as this show does. Wilson’s birthday was just the funniest yet. Jim’s appearances always have me in stitches. Inspired.

  • Many thanks Simon

  • Cheers!

  • John Phillips

    Just wanted to say how much I loved the series, best thing I’ve seen in years. Every episode had me roaring with laughter, while the revelation of Martin’s Lady Diana / Milk Bath fantasy was sheer brilliance.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Ben Moloney

    Can’t wait for the new series. Nice bit of Squirrel etc…….

  • Love this show, will the scripts ever be released? I’d love to see how it’s written 🙂

  • Many thanks. I don’t know if there will be a script book, sadly. But thanks again!

  • Will there be a Christmas special this year before the new series starts?

  • There isn’t this year. Thanks 🙂

  • Puneet

    Great series. Hilarious and relatable characters. This is an odd question, I’m curious, what are the characters eating at dinner, what do you use in those scenes?

  • Thanks very much. Chicken! Although Tamsin is a veggie, so it’s veggie chicken!

  • Ruslan

    Certainly the best sitcom I ever saw. Can’t wait for season 3. Greetings from St. Petersburg (Russia)!

  • Paul

    I have been a big fan of FND ever since seeing the first episode, but the latest offering (the return of Mr Morris) has to stand as possibly the worst episode of any sitcom I have ever seen. Paper thin and repetitive jokes about geriatric sex, a cast that seemed to sleepwalk from one scene to the next and the return of two of the least interesting and believable characters the show has really did make it a very unenjoyable twenty five minutes. Enjoyed the calculator though. Please next week be as good as the first two of this season.

  • Sorry for that. Yes, it was probably not as strong story-wise, particularly in the second half. I find it hard to categorise it as the worst ep of an sitcom ever. But if it is so, then that’s some achievement. Ho hum!

  • zuki

    I`ve just read Paul`s comment on the episode the return of Mr Morris. I wouldn`t agree the grandma and Mr Morris weren’t believable characters. I`ve met a Mr Morris, unfortunately he`s going out with my mother! I showed my sister the episode and she agrees and feels the writer must know him!!…. so I would say another episode expertly written. I love FND, it always has me in stiches and makes me laugh out loud, even when the episode is a bit close to home! Thanks Robert.

  • Liv Davis

    Hi, I have just finnished series 3 and I’m hoping there will be a series 4 because this is my all time favirout program, please make a series 4, it’s a brilliant program which deserves to win some kind of award!

  • Thanks – and yes he’s based on a real man!

  • Thank you so much.

  • Peter

    Will There Be A Series 4?

  • Aye.

  • E A Ablott

    Shit on it, shit on it, oh bloody hell!

  • Jason Vango

    my FAVOURITE show on TV! SO pleased!!

  • Many thanks!