Robert Popper is a multi-award winning writer, producer and performer, and best-selling author.

Robert produced Peep Show for Channel 4, winning a BAFTA for series 4 and British Comedy Awards for both series 3 and 4. With Peter Serafinowicz, Robert created, starred in and composed the music for the BBC 2 spoof science comedy, Look Around You, winning the Rose D’or for Best Comedy in 2006 plus a BAFTA nomination.

Robert has written on a number of shows, including BBC’s BAFTA-winning Harry & Paul, and The Peter Serafinowicz Show. He has also script-edited some of the country’s most exciting comedy programmes, including the multi award-winning The Inbetweeners, Graham Linehan’s EMMY award-winning IT Crowd, Peep Show series 5-9 and BBC’s Him & Her.

As a Commissioning Editor for comedy at Channel 4, Robert commissioned Bo’ Selecta!, helped develop The IT Crowd, oversaw two series of Black Books, as well as series 2 of Spaced, and ran Comedy Labs.

Under his pseudonym, Robin Cooper, he wrote The Timewaster Letters books, which have so far sold over 300,000 copies.

Robert apperars regularly on Charlie Higson & Paul Whitehouse’s Sony Award-winning Radio 4 series, Down the Line, and performed in their BBC2 show, Bellamy’s People. He also appeared in Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s movie, Hot Fuzz, saying just three words – “I’m not Janine”, and worked in Los Angeles as a writer on Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie, Bruno.

In December 2008, Robert set up his own production company, Popper Pictures, to make comedy TV shows.

Robert and Peter created the online afterlife comedy, The Other Side (Radio Spiritworld), as well as the online world religion, Tarvuism (www.tarvu.com).

In 2010, Robert wrote on series 14 of South Park in Los Angeles.

Robert writes and produces the Channel 4 sitcom, Friday Night Dinner, starring Tamsin Greig, Simon Bird, Paul Ritter, Tom Rosenthal and Mark Heap. The show has won the Rose D’or for Best Sitcom, a BAFTA nomination plus many more nominations.

Robert starred alongside Steve Coogan in Sky TV’s ‘Alan Partidge on Open Books’, and script-edited The Inbetweeners 2 movie, as well as series 9 of Peep Show. Robert has just written 3 episodes, with Jamie Demetriou, of Jamie’s new E4 series, Stath. Series 5 of Friday Night Dinner begins filming in January 2018.

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  • Have you had a tusk replacement?

  • EmyDra

    I can’t believe someone so insanely talented recieves so little reconition for his work 🙁 I mean seriously – WOW

  • Ah shucks! Well, at least my mum thinks I’m funny! Cheers!

  • DrCherry

    I’ve wasted an entire morning enjoying your videos. I’d like to share with you “So cold in the D” by T-baby. I can’t believe you haven’t seen it.


    Good work sir.

  • CardinalWigWamTommy

    Robert, loving your work, but I was wondering, are there any plans to make The Timewaster Diaries into a TV series? Surely it’s a sure fire billy boy winner?!

    I wish myself luck

  • Cheers! That would be nice one day!

  • Judy66

    You have made me laugh more than anyone or anything. Bless ya!

  • Thank you. I am blessed!

  • dimatona

    I eat Ulysses for breakfast every day and flush Finnegan’s Wake by teatime, but it still takes me twenty or so listens of your Down The Line bits before I catch on to how extraordinarily funny they are – so how about doing one of those concept albums, like what nearly done for Peter Cook. You are magnificent!

  • Thanks. I’ve been thinking of doing a mad album for yonks! Must get round to doing it!

  • Imhotep

    Baal and Wendy Beardman….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha
    funniest thing i’ve seen in years,

  • Thanks!

  • Ethanotheronepleasebartender

    you’re really very funny. i’m really enjoying reading, watching and listening to your stuff. please keep pumping it out, i need it to help fend off my existential crises. if i had a wife, you’d be better than it! her!

  • I can try to be your wife. I can but try…

  • Marina Granger

    People like you make me feel less aberrant. Most inspiring!


  • tom (mr.) gibbs

    I have just finished reading the 2nd edition of your book entitled “Design of Cost Management Systems” http://www.amazon.com/Design-Cost-Management-Systems-2nd/dp/0135704170 and  have concluded that it is much better than those silly “Timewaster Letters.” If you could continue writing more about the management of cost, I’d be very grateful!

  • Wordy

    Do you remember the Computer Comic from the early eighties called “Load Runner”? 
    It only lasted about 10 issues. If you haven’t ill send you my copy, you must see it.

    I’m going to give all my programmers a copy of Look Around You 1  for xmas, they’ll love it.


  • Thanks. I don’t know that actually.

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  • edmundjessie

    I had no idea how deep his influence on modern British comedy ran. He is like the Claude Makelele of British Comedy, unseen and under-appreciated puppet master silently pulling all the strings.

  • An American version of FND? I hope you get lots of cash, it will suck. I love British prose, British humor and British writers. Mr Popper, I love you!

  • very good comedy though. i wish i was as funny as you. MILLSY FOR PRESIDENT.

  • Hannah

    We’ve just watched “Friday night dinner” for the first time and loved it, thought it was brilliant. We laughed so much we could hardly stand it, but sadly as we continued to watch it we noticed the never ending use of the name “Jesus” etc. which was just pointless and unfunny, I’m sure many would agree that its such a shame as we would have rated it as one of the top ten TV comedies of all time.

  • Well, I guess it will just have to be your number 11 comedy.

  • John Edwards

    Can I just say that I think ‘Look Around You’ is the best TV programme ever made? The general oddness and attention to detail are unsurpassed. Just got the DVDs after stumbling across some YouTube clips. Will now be looking into your other work with great interest 🙂

  • Ah thanks so much!