All I can say is, this is just lovely…

by Robert Popper on November 24, 2009 · 23 comments

Yup. Lovely…

Was it the mighty @Randazzoj or the equally mighty @mkupperman who sent me this bit of brilliance? Come on, which one of you was it? I want to see fighting. And crying…

Actually – have just found out it was the equally, equally mighty John Galloway. Futuritic thanks to you, Sir.

  • impressoman

    Sun-powered electro-suspension car.

  • gottago

    Why do they need a TV screen in the rear-view mirror when it shows the exact same thing? The camera may get all dirty and full of insects. Do insects still exist in this age?

    To be honest I find this whole video to be a little unrealistic.

  • Oh my God. Jaw-dropping. I have always wanted a corner office with a scenic view of my own car all day long.

  • The future's not what it used to be, eh?

  • simjaha

    Jeez, have women still not learned how to drive in the future?!

  • Many more such gems at, which is where I first saw this. Have you seen Disney's martian stuff as well? It's incredible.
    And belatedly happy returnz!

  • slepkane

    Hello. I'm not sure if that last comment was posted, but it was simply to say there's all kinds of similar riches at, which is where I first saw this. And have you seen Disney's martian stuff as well? Incroyabluh:
    And then, belated happy birthdayies!

  • slepkane

    Have I – ? Is this – Do I have to post again now I've suddenly registered? Hh… HELLO, here's Disney's martians, they're great: is where I first found all these. It's dead good. Happy birthdayabitago. Big love.
    Okay see if it works this time

  • Joeffiler

    I love the way he says, “Father will have to walk to his desk,” at 4:30ish-he sounds really disappointed that there is no way to prevent Father from having to use his legs.
    I prefer my horse and cart personally but I do like how everyone drives off into the tubular sunset.

  • All traffic accidents in the future will be caused by colour-blind drivers in the wrong lane. Want to know what life on other planets will be like? Check this out:

    I want an atomic tunnelling machine.

  • Well this puts a lot of questions in my mind.

    Why do we need roads that are colour coded, if the car drives us there anyway?
    And what if father wants to choose more than 5 different locations? That console is lacking buttons.
    Why do we need a punched card to enter the location of holiday destinations, but not of anywhere else?
    Why do we need underwater tunnels if our cars can fly like rockets?
    And I have to walk from my car to my desk? Screw that.

  • Anyone notice the Millennium Dome at 6:18?

  • Rory

    Why haven't they built that highway past the Sphinx yet?

  • The atomic tunneling machine was brilliant, that is if you want a radioactive tunnel.

  • fecklessderek

    it's how I imagine finland

  • Dirk

    A very abundance of colourwashed prettiness indeed. Obviously nobody told them about Skynet.

  • I do believe it was the mighty me @jauntyg a few weeks back.

    But I won't fight or cry, because it is just lovely isn't it…

  • Ooh thanks – have given you 'props' on the page now. Ta!

  • Where we're going, we don't need no roads…

  • Now that I have been honoured with discovering this masterpiece (without fighting or crying – well maybe crying a little), may I say the best part is the Disney soundtrack that becomes morbid at 1.41 when someone is taken in the Ambulance. And just don't ask what 6.40 was ever going to be…

  • Wow, that movie is fantastic. The art is gorgeous, and the optimism is pretty crazy. Thanks for the find.

  • Wow, that movie is fantastic. The art is gorgeous, and the optimism is pretty crazy. Thanks for the find.

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