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A new track from me and Justin

by Robert Popper on August 13, 2010 · 14 comments

Regular visitors to this internet rag will know that I have been writing and recording music with the brilliant Justin Spooner. We’ve been working on this track – Gold String – for a while, and we think we’ve cracked it. Plug in your headphones, click the play button thingy and enjoy…

Gold string by Justin Spooner & Robert Popper


by Robert Popper on August 5, 2010 · 26 comments

I mean, gosh! Really…

* Not suitable for minors or people who don’t like things to do with ‘toilet business’.

All thoughts welcomed….

Thanks Lee.

The most comfortablest chair in the world. Ever

by Robert Popper on August 4, 2010 · 15 comments

I love everything about this advert. It’s just so grim and beautiful and sad and horrid and – like the chair itself – lovely….

I thank you, @Flammentisch. You may now be seated.

Peter and I (me and Peter) made this short film especially for our US DVD release and trip to LA and Comic-Con last week, so hope you all enjoy this piece of silliness…

Thanks to Xeni and the the Boing Boingers.

And of course, a big thank you to Mr Lee Titt…

Look Around You Remixed 2010

by Robert Popper on July 30, 2010 · 3 comments

The chaps and chapettes at BBC America did a lovely remix for our release of series one on DVD. Hope you enjoy…

Buy it now from Mr. Amazon! (US Only)

We got boing boinged!

by Robert Popper on July 28, 2010 · 0 comments

The lovely and brilliant Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing chatted to me and Peter recently. If you’re interested, here are the results….

For the whole piece, just click on the word, ‘almonds‘.

What a handsome man…

by Robert Popper on July 1, 2010 · 9 comments


Cheers, @isitluke.

Have you ever seen a strongman do this?!

by Robert Popper on June 28, 2010 · 19 comments

I predict extremely big things with this clip. Holy smokes! Just gape at this strong man and his ‘assistant’.

@mikederob. Two clips in a row. You are bespoiling us.

Every now and then something comes along that turns your brain inside out. Well, get ready to have your brain turned into a completely different organ with this beauty…

‘Broken Wear’, ‘Bucket Reverser’, ‘Breath Fire’, ‘Smokey Jetter’. Ah, Japan I love you.

Cheerz to @mikederob who, once again, has delivered a gem.

These ladies have just made me a happy man

by Robert Popper on June 23, 2010 · 2 comments


I’ve spent a few years working with the lovely, talented and very funny, Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver (obviously above) developing a sketch show. If you don’t know them yet as a double act, you may have seen them individually in things like Peep Show and The IT Crowd.

Anyway, we were very fortunate that Mark Freeland (head of Comedy at the BBC, and all-round very silly man) championed us, helping us to get a script deal, which then became a 30 minute pilot. We made the pilot a few months back, and have just found out we got a full series, which we’ll be making for BBC2 next year.

What’s the show? Well, hopefully it’ll be a big, broad but genuinely funny sketch show. I say hopefully, because, well, hopefully…