This woman can talk to cats

by Robert Popper on July 17, 2014 · 4 comments

Yes, cats. She can talk to cats. In cat language. To cats. She can talk to cats. (Oh – about their testicles).

Big miaows to @lawrencearabia.

  • John Wilding

    I think this woman might have been on Fortean TV in the mid 90s. Is it the story of “Brau (not sure how the name is spelled) and His Testicles”?
    I used to translate that one for dogs. how they laughed.
    (Yes, this IS a Fortean TV excerpt).
    The story (not translated here) is that the cat was served dinner by another cat, only for it to be revealed that his suddenly missing balls were what he had been given to eat. At the end Brau laughs and says, “that was an excellent trick!”

  • John Wilding

    For stories like this and many others, Fortean TV should be back on 4!

  • Fantastic! I remember seeing this lady on This Morning with Richard and Judy when I was about 10. Those sounds have never left my head.

  • Thanks so much!

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