Friday Night Dinner – Ep 2 : ‘The Fox’

by Robert Popper on June 26, 2014 · 6 comments


I’m really excited about this week’s episode – ‘The Fox’. Without too many spoilers, it’s all about the boys finding dad hiding a dead fox in the freezer, and how they keep mum from seeing it. It was definitely the script I enjoyed writing the most, and I can’t wait for you folk to see it. Hopefully it’s completely agonising (in a good way) to watch, as dad gets into some truly awful situations.

The cast are particularly fantastic in this ep, but this week’s show is really all about dad, and once again, Paul Ritter does not disappoint. I do hope he gets the recognition he really deserves (hint: awards). He’s a real one-off.

Here’s a clip.

Anyway, that’s all. Hope you like.

  • TheLittleChef

    I love the way that FND has sustained the humour and quality over two-and-a-bit series now, given it’s all largely set in only three rooms of a single house, and with a small cast. You should be rightly chuffed with how it’s been received. I think it’s brilliant.

  • Jill ‘dcfc’ Gallone

    If it’s half as food as last Friday’s episode it will still be brilliant. Your stuff makes me howl with laughter. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Thank you so much. I do promise giggles.

  • Thanks so much. That’s very nice of you.

  • Laura Simmons

    My family and I absolutely love Friday Night Dinner. Paul Ritter bares an uncanny resemblance to my Dad and as in most families, my Dad is also the butt of every joke due to his lack of understanding of most social situations. We have been counting the days until series 3. We all agree that Friday’s episode was the best yet! I don’t normally watch much comedy as don’t like most of it but I sat crying with laughter through the adverts on Friday – ‘Jim is on drugs’. Thank you for writing this fantastic series 🙂

  • VonSloneker

    Alright Popper I’ve had just about enough of this. We get Game of Thrones to the UK the day after it’s shown here, the least you can do is get FND to the states within a week. If it comes down to a trade, I’m authorized to give back Mr. Selfridge and/or Downton Abbey.

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