Witness the death of social media

by Robert Popper on April 10, 2014 · 14 comments

You might also die of embarrassment…

And what was that ‘rap’ thing at the end? Ugh! Thanks for killing us all, Joe List, with this find. It’s almost as embarrassing as this horror I blogged a while back.

  • Mark

    😀 – Funniest thing in 2014 so far. So much cringe, so much lol. Just brilliant.

  • Brad

    Awfulness depth gauge = Extreme

  • Shared to all networks!!! 😉

    Seriously, is this from “The Office”? Or a Louis Theroux documentary?

  • Dave Small

    I have truly lost the will to live. This is so bad. Good find! Does putting a beret and sunglasses on automatically make one a rapper?
    By the way, that’s not the sound of clapping at the end, it’s the sound of thousands of journalists popping open their suicide pill foil packs.

  • She’s just keeping it real, yo

  • Ed Giles

    I just did a sick on my legs

  • Donna Rees

    My toes have curled so much, my feet now resemble Persian slippers…

  • My cat, my kids, some bacon

  • Catherine Crichton


  • Patrick, London

    I am full of admiration for all 12 of you who managed to complete this incredible challenge. I was only capable of getting to 1:25. You guys are amazing.

  • Really! What is the purpose of this?

  • Billy Whizz

    “Good job!”

  • Holy mother of god… this should be viral just because it’s so cringe worth… “Social” OMG!!!

  • I hear ya brother. I got to about 2 minutes and change.

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