The angriest guitarist of all time

by Robert Popper on June 28, 2013 · 3 comments

Words fail me. I just can’t… I mean…this guy has the worst temper I have ever seen. (Caution: rude words).

Can you even imagine trying to play in a band with this guy?!!

Thanks to @kevinknoxx. Definitely one of my top ten clips ever.

  • Stuart Thompson

    That cheered me no end after terrible day! “It’s drivin me more fuckin mental than ‘ghost of love’ ever did”

  • davboz

    C’mon. With what’s becoming almost common knowledge today, ya just don’t write or shrug it off as “bad temper”, but – and admittedly from an amateur, here – a lack of impulse control possibly caused by damaged or never developed(?) specific regions in the brain. Also a pretty severe, I’d say, case of emotional immaturity that likely shows up in many areas of the dude’s life. At his age, he’s probably this way for “the duration” and that is really F’ing sad. Kinda makes me cringe inside.

  • Sorry for that.

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