Number 1 in Hell

by Robert Popper on October 17, 2012 · 7 comments

“I don’t wanna be moved by the feelings,
I just want to follow the evenings,
Don’t stop me, I can be badder,
You can go a little bit wilder.”

Perfection. Thanks to @Hamuelo for making my ears bleed.

  • finally something to knock “She’s Mad” off the top spot! unbelievable!!! (ouch!)

  • Would I rather listen to this song, Pardon Me or another god-awful party pop song in the charts?

    Think I’ll go with Pardon Me, thank you very much.

  • Elsie

    It’s all very well her letting the music speak
    for itself, but the sad fact is that until she learns to focus on dressing up a
    bit more, her music will never get the airplay it deserves. And it does deserve
    it – how many people do you know who can really nail a song in two
    different keys at once?

  • carlfromsweden

    I think this is an experiment combining the 1950’s teachings of Arnold Schönberg at Darnstadt (simple atonality with 12 tone technique, well you know it!) and the repepititve structures and pop influences of Philip Glass’ earlier works, all in a minimalist frame work reminding of Terry Riley. Combined with sarcastic Warholian-derived poetry and a post-feminist iconography, this is truely a pop-art masterpiece.

    There’s no other explanation.

  • I think he needs to bring the synth up a bit higher in the mix.

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  • I have never before seen, such a perfect, untainted, worldwide, massive, mass collaboration joke (facilitated by the uploader, since they have chosen to approve all comments before they are posted), as can be seen in the endless pages of comments for this video on youtube. It warms my heart and restores my faith in humanity. It takes me higher and a little bit wilder.

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