First there was Pardon Me, and now there is THIS

by Robert Popper on April 20, 2012 · 38 comments

You all remember Pardon Me. Of course you do. Well now there’s a new contender in town…

May I suggest the pink trousers ‘incident’ as one of the high/low lights. What are yours? Please limit them to 200.

Well found, @danco.

  • Best part: ♫ And stay with in the time… ::awkward beat and pitch shift:: …frame ♫

  • The backup singing at 2:34

  • Eric Fell

    Oh, thank goodness. The uploader had removed this from Youtube. I’m so glad it’s been saved for future generations.

  • It’s not as charming as Pardon Me. Close though.

  • It’s Shania Twain’s mum.

  • Steven

    Ha!! So bad it’s ……… bloody awful, actually. Pink trousers incident a definite highlight, along with the incredible ‘harmonies’ around the 2:35 mark. The Bee Gees on helium would be proud.


  • Scousernorm


    What about those harmonies? I mean

  • I think the rule exists because, after 3 seconds, your retinas explode for your own safety.

    Oh.. I just got to the harmonies.


  • #188. A sign was made for this – which probably cost as much as it does to save a life in the third world

  • #187. The name Khoi Pham

  • #186. The fact that I did not have any rules like that in school…

  • #185. The producer does not have a surname

  • #185. the harmonies

  • M_keat

    Did it actually blur out a little too early at the end, or we’re my optical nerves actively rebelling?

  • #184. The permission a school has given to allow this to exist

  • #184. The writing on the chalk board which explains the way…

  • #183. The inability to hold a note – even though it sounds like it has been auto tuned?

  • #183. The feeling that the camera operator has been lassoed to that bit of rope 

  • #182. ‘Rules mean you only look but you cannot touch’ – no they don’t… 

  • #181. The headless version of the singer watching her from the corner

  • #180. Even if you look away after three seconds – she is still audible…

  • That’s one hell of a clambasket she’s got there.

  • Richard

    I especially liked the line: ‘within the time frame’. So . . . musical. 

  • Good to know Rebecca Black is inspiring grandmothers to follow in her footsteps.

  • Dr. Tit Ghost

    Hi Mr. Popper – Is there a new link, or even tell us the artist and song? The embed doesn’t work…

  • Guest

    Says the video can’t be embedded, and it doesn’t seem to redirect me to watch the video on vimeo. Could you give a direct link?

  • Chad B

    Coincidentally, the proposed name of her upcoming tour is “The Pink Trousers Incident.”

  • Streaksy

    I could only look at her for three seconds, so she’s on to summit.

    Please tell me I’m fun…

  • Michael Feaux

    The bit where all the blokes are in line facing away from the camera and it looks like they’re all weeing and then they spin round.  I ducked.

  • Her voice.  That sing/talking voice is the stuff nightmares are made of!!  She reminds me of someone’s sleazy aunt, who grabs your ass when she hugs you at holidays!

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  • maryellenlane

    Her voice, sense of pitch, backing vocals, drum machine and eye makeup. At 1:05, are the men peeing?

  • Nick

    I can’t believe how things like this happen.  Someone had to agree to record not only the music, but also the video.  At least with pardon me she was on a bluescreen, but think about all the people involved in this, lol…  BTW Robert, this might tickle your funny bone:

  • Aaron
  • carlfromsweden

    I want to live according to that three second rule.

  • carlfromsweden

    I want to join her harem of fat cowboys and live according to that three second rule. It’ll be my guide, my spirit through life.

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