How’s this for a spooky ending?

by Robert Popper on December 22, 2011 · 10 comments

This is a really hypnotic bit of dancing from the Soviet Union, but you have to watch to the very end for the full effect of its weirdness. When I showed it to my Look Around You buddy, Peter Serafinowicz, he said, ‘It’s like watching one of our conversations’.

Spasibo to @nomatterband for this brilliant find.

And a happy holidays ya’ll!

  • Rinaldo

    help me out here, I missed the weirdness

  • I thought they would lift up their skirts revealing roller skates.

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  • The ending.

  • Streaksy

    I was frozen watching this.  The weird gestures kicked-in with a music kick-in and I was delighted.   Then they got up and floated around all foldy and mergey in an increasingly mad way.  Then I saw they were on a beach of what looked like an industrial prison camp, the crowd suddenly stood up twice and kids ran up to them and they bowed.  THEN… that final action…..

    You often say everything is the funniest, weirdest, best (any superlatative adjective) video ever…. but this one really is.  Turning and bowing the wrong way is so you and Peter.  It’s an unexpected and underplayed megatreat like 2am Snack or “Immenstrades!” or priming the ghost manifester machine with a crucifix.  Thanks for the superlatativest video ever!

  • Anonymous

    bowing your arse to the audience is of course standard behaviour in Wapping… are you in Wapping? 

  • Joeffiler

    Do they have wheels instead of feet?

  • Immenstrides to you too! Cheers!

  • Andyjl1964

    mad asa boxa frogs        wheeleeeeee great

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