The most pointless clip of 2011 is…

by Robert Popper on October 6, 2011 · 8 comments

This. Obviously:

I love the fact that a ‘production company’ is credited for this. It’s just so brilliant, but the clip does throw up a number of general questions, namely…

1) Why?
2) Why?
3) Why?

Thanks to @mtstirling for ‘unboxing’ (geddit?!) this beauty.

  • But what is in his deleted footage? He may have struck gold!

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  • Awesomer

    This is an example of my favorite YouTube genre, the “toy review,” in which a toy is described in extreme pseudo-technical detail. When children make these videos, they’re charming; when adults make them, they’re magical!

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  • In case you weren’t aware, the “production company” graphic is one of the standard ones that comes with iMovie, he’s just typed his own name in it.

  • Radders

    I like the idea of mulling over purchasing this game for 2 years. He must have been wrestling with some demons.

  • Martin Ogorman

    “Shit, I’ve run out of space… had to delete some footage.” That’s because you’re videoing EVERYTHING, son.

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