Is this even a thing?

by Robert Popper on September 14, 2010 · 7 comments

I mean, is it?

I love the fact that it’s a bunch of men showing us how to do this ‘thing’.

Once again @mikederob you have excelled yourself. I snap my fingers at you.

  • Hanna

    Oh, haven’t you heard? Everybody’s doing this now instead of breakdancing. It’s rather compelling, don’t u think? Mike de Robbio is awesome, as is Morningshines 🙂

  • Amanda

    words can’t describe how baffled I am. i didn’t know men ( or anyone) not only did such things but also take it so seriously.

  • I actually got an Associate’s Degree at the Institute of Snap!thology. It comes in handy in job interviews all the time. Very informative video.

  • Whoa. Haven’t seen this in nearly 20 years, but me and a few friends still remember it well enough to teach the finer points of Snap!thology to unsuspecting dinner guests, ticket inspectors etc.

  • Haspokes

    Lovely. I always wondered how I could snap like a diva.

  • Gothpire

    This was the parkour of the 1980s and 1990s… and that brief time around 2006 when the ‘Scissor Sisters’ made us all a little bit bi-curioser and curioser…

  • Awesomer

    It was a thing, for a while a while back. First it was a gay black thing, then it was briefly an everyone thing; this is from the earlier period (hence “diva”). The camp is quite deadpan and easy to miss, but it’s there.

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