The most comfortablest chair in the world. Ever

by Robert Popper on August 4, 2010 · 15 comments

I love everything about this advert. It’s just so grim and beautiful and sad and horrid and – like the chair itself – lovely….

I thank you, @Flammentisch. You may now be seated.

  • this is magnificent! over 100 chairs to chose from. i think she made the right choice.

  • My grandparents used to have those chairs, or something very similar. They were ace!

  • She says it's “easy to get out of” but then, she does have a walking stick to aid her and you can tell at 0.11 the way her wrist buckles that it's not easy.

  • I preferred the blue one in the show room…

  • Little Ern

    I've been wanting too see this advert for years. It still haunts me from my childhood!

  • Brings back memories. I must have seen that advert hundreds of times when I was growing up.

  • 403

    For all the techno-wow of today's commercials, this kind of thing does what it's supposed to, and speaks to whom it's supposed to. My grandma would love it.

  • Hear hear!

  • Glad to oblige…

  • I love the pronounciation of 'athritis'.

  • Bryanyjoslen

    The woman's voice sounds a lot like the voice of the animated character on David Firth's Salad Fingers. Ultra creepy! I love It!

  • Joellifer

    I would love my livingroom to look like the chair showroom

  • Gothpire

    Terry Jones,dressed as Cardinal Biggles, should be slowly advancing behind her with a cushion as the ad fades.

  • I remember this advert well. In fact I occasionally still say “it’s lovely” when I sit in a chair. They carried in showing the ad after the old lady had died and were sued by her son, who I happened to work with.

  • It’s the tongue clacking and sloshing against her dentures that does it for me.


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