Balloons, balloons, balloons

by Robert Popper on May 29, 2010 · 6 comments

Obviously we all love balloons. And if you follow my blog, you may remember this chap who had a very particular love of balloons.

Perhaps you’re now considering a job in the balloon industry. If so, look no further…

Thanks to @zdanz, and do check out her excellent website here.

  • that is so sad, who paid to make that?

  • This guy also loves balloons:

  • Paulie Paul

    Wow. I definitely did not see Mike's 'Happy Birthday' coming

  • gottago

    She lives in that doesn't she?

  • Ant

    There were just too many interesting facts about balloons and gas.

  • Kelda

    Funny, but I evaluate every date I have on those exact same points. Hmm.

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