The scariest thing on the entire internet

by Robert Popper on May 24, 2010 · 14 comments

I’m telling you. It starts scary and then suddenly gets REALLY scary. (**Warning: rude wordlings are used).

Hope you’re OK after watching that. You can always watch her lovely song to calm your nerves. Just click here, and sit back and relax..

Thanks @iamfinlay for letting me know about this…um…human.

  • I think I preferred it when it was blank…

  • Yep, you're scaring us. Bring back the white blank, please.

  • I wonder if she's thought about going into politics.

  • Blimey!

    Well if nothing else i bet 'media' is now having itself a really good think. This rant is almost as powerful as John Lennons 'Imogen' song.

    Well don lad-y!

  • Deej

    Woah! I actually jumped at 1:01! The rant reminds me of a pro-wrestler doing a promo piece. Apart from the naughty language of course…

  • martinstratford

    She does have a point though..


  • Greener

    It's the “Leave Britney alone!” guy in 20 years.

  • An extraordinary combination of Timothy Treadwell, William Shatner and Vikky Pollard. What manner of beast is this?

  • Wow, professional wrestling has really changed hasn't it?

  • Hi

    Wow, this sounds exactly like the Joker's video message- “Look at me. LOOK AT ME!”

  • Frank

    ARGH. scary. 🙁 that was horrific.

  • The message was supposed to be sugar coated, but he/she/it ate all the sugar.

  • Streaksy

    What, so, she’s not completely right?  Is that why we’re taking the mick?  Oh, right.

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