The Swan and the Rat

by Robert Popper on April 17, 2010 · 7 comments

Some of you may know this call, but it’s the first time I’ve stuck it on my site. If you’re a swan and a rat lover, then this may well be the prank phone call for you…

By the way, that was Peter Serafinowicz playing ‘the sister’. We did have a giggle that day.

I wrote a piece for Saturday’s Guardian about my (definite non) obsession with making these calls. Feel free to peruse.

  • carlfromsweden

    Hahaha wobderfuk call, why don't you post the second phone call to the nice concierge were he recognized you?

  • Dave

    Ha Ha HA ha! You have great composure, there must be times you just feel like saying sorry and giggling! I like how you are never nasty but only very silly, an excellent way to live!

  • Thank you. Yes I do try not to be nasty and I do feel a little guilty but hopefully I never hurt anyone's feelings. Thanks!

  • I can't find it anywhere. It's such a shame cos I am so totally caught out. WIll keep looking.

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  • Ash

    Do you come up with all of this on the spot or do you have some kind of framework set up? It is true genius!

  • Sadly my nonsense is made up on the spot. It's not genius. It's sheer stupidity, I assure you. Thanks!

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