I said ‘Prune Slicker.’ Yes, ‘Prune Slicker’

by Robert Popper on March 21, 2010 · 15 comments

What is a Prune Slicker? Can anyone on Earth tell me?


Check out the lyrics here? Nice find, @stuseph

  • Dirk

    Quite lovely. I believe you will find 'slicker' it is a corruption of Ţuică; what is Romanian moonshine made of plums and explains all the weirdness.

    Anyway didn't you hear the man? We don't have much time!

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  • I love the way he's so blasé about it…

    'Tony get your keyboard out and do that Prune slicker song'

    'Nah i dont really feel like it'

    'Oh go on Tone it'll be great do some of your dance moves we'll put it on youtube'

    'Oh fine then if i fucking have to….'

  • Kraftwerk really aren't what they used to be.

  • gazman101

    Would have to be one hell of a concoction to explain all the weirdness.

    Reminds me of the Dude's landlord on the big Lebowski performing his dance quintet. Oh, except that was a work of fictional comedy!

  • gottago

    I quite like the way he doesn't hide the fact that he really doesn't want to be doing any of this.

  • I liked 'Penn and Tellers Bullshit' but this is just weird.

  • bloopington

    the music is genuinely brilliant. nice to see the dog/robin picture done by Human Descent flash up for no reason in the awesome video too.

  • Does he realise he's being filmed? It's just at several points, I don't think he does. Like when he just stands there as if he's waiting for a bus.

  • mikeytheeel


  • davyacko44

    This guy has the uncanny ability of looking quite bored and mildly irritated no matter what he's doing–hmmm who knows,maybe his prunes are acting up

  • shooks

    From the man himself…

    “Prune Slicker” is supposed to be english, it doesnt mean anything. Just a name i made.


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  • Liam

    i had that exact same keyboard. it's the rapman 500 or something like that. also, this guy reminds me of disasteradio, in both the audio and video department

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