Comedian Daniel Songer – he’s back!

by Robert Popper on February 1, 2010 · 20 comments

Yes he is. Since you loved him so much last time, I’ve decided to bring you some more shouty brilliance. Oh, and just wait to the bit at the end…

How can every second be so unforgettable?

  • He's so confusing.

  • macron 1

    If camera pans round 360 degrees we will discover that Mr Songer is simply standing on a wooden deck with an internet connection. Beyond the wooden deck is a crocodile infested moat. Beyond the moat is the woodland. Beyond the woodland is the electrified fence. Beyond the electrified fence is the beach of the isolated island from which the raconteur issues his humourous musings.

  • Very funny!

  • johnnynoakes

    I know he's in no way normal or a comedian, but don't comedians normally tell jokes, instead of sing-bellowing nonsense at you, while thrusting their hips like a randy dog?

  • BryanRichmond

    That was the longest hour of my life. Wait, 4:43? What the-?!?

  • jackiepatie

    Hmm. I've never let my parents, siblings and friends choose my path, but I had no idea you shouldn't even let your acquaintances and enemies. That's where I've been going wrong

  • I like that there are 51 other parts to this out there. Please post all.

  • stevewalsh

    Yet another Steven Wright rip off.

  • jackiepatie

    Like the way he inadvertently (presumably) ranks acquaintances and enemies over parents, siblings and friends. And love the for-no-apparent-reason wildly swinging arm.

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  • Perhaps he's the living basis for Benjamin Button. He's actually 3 years old and has just drunk a bottle of neat Ribena.

  • monktime

    I want this man to make films – like Jim Varney with the Ernest series.
    Singer Goes to Space.

  • zacheh

    I've watched this three times.

    So far….

  • The walking…forward, back, forward, back…it's just hypnotic

  • Yes it's 3 steps forward and 3 backwards. Always.

  • Do you think he knows there's no polaroid photo in that hand he's waving about at the beginning? It's probably better he doesn't. After all, it's much more effective to hold it under your armpit for developing, and there's not many polaroid films left now the company has shut down.

    I love him, because I'm thousands of miles away.

  • This is strangely the worst comedian I have ever seen, however I have rarely laughed so hard ! The last 45 seconds is magnificent, astonishing and terrifying.

  • Hani Latif

    What is the bizarre quote: 'It'll just be one Japanese guy going: “Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!” You know!' for?

  • Hani Latif

    What is the bizarre quote: 'It'll just be one Japanese guy going: “Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!” You know!' for?

  • speckykweer


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