This is the world’s greatest website.

by Robert Popper on January 10, 2010 · 19 comments

Some of you may have seen this a few week’s back when we were tweeting like crazy about the website of Sarah Jane Newberry, ‘Britain’s most famous virgin, international celebrity’. The site went down for a while, but now it’s back! I beseech you all. Read EVERY page. EVERY SINGLE page…

Click here and weep…


Look out for the sections on ‘Virgin Proof’ and ‘Ex Boyfriends’. Very special.

He never slandered her….

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  • “There is music on every page of this web site so please switch your speakers on.”

    Surely that's a typo?

  • alisonhogarth

    What happens if she goes horse-riding or does some strenuous physical activity that would break it?!

  • Omar

    This site is amazing – it’s like an extra Robin Copper book put online. In fact, I refuse to believe that it isn’t the work of one Mr Robert Popper. There are still plenty of pages I have yet to explore and Tony Durant’s website is equally bizarre. I suspect his page dedicated to his manager is not entirely his own work.

    Thank you Mr Popper for bringing this site to our attention.

    With all my love to our Royal Family and all the people on earth and in heaven,

  • Jo

    Why? Why does she play how great thou art over the page describing herself?
    Why is she still fantastic friends with her long term ex boyfriend and his new wife?
    Why has she got pictures of Jim Davison and Robert Kilroy?
    Why would anyone actually admit to being her distant relative?
    “Many of her friends went to Oxford and Cambridge…Sarah Jane makes it clear that even if they had become refuse collectors they would be equally valued and doing a much needed job” Genius!
    I tried to read every page but I nearly imploded with shame at the crazylady representing Christians. Why can’t she be Tarvuist? Actually, she seems to really appreciate niceness…
    She can’t be normal.

  • PDoolan

    Her poem on the Queen mum is the most moving, beautiful work I have ever read. from this day on, whenever I stand for the national anthem, it will be the words to this poem that I hear. especially,

    “Always complying with morality, sensible health, kindness and the sanctity of marriage
    Our Queen Mother deserved her fairy tale life and to wave nicely from a golden carriage”

  • Alex_P

    My fav part so far is a photo of Mary Diving into the sea with this discritption underneath…

    'Sarah Jane diving, watched by Alan Chappel of Chappel Accountants, Westbury'

  • Yes I agree. That is the best bit!

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  • San

    Precious. Just PRECIOUS.

  • mikey c

    Have you seen the site of her friend Tony?

    Best bit about it is the page “My Manager” and how every page mentions Sarah Jane for no particular reason. The Q&A features questions nobody has ever asked as well. Brilliant.

  • kelly

    I think the best line is from the “you opinions” page:

    “Do not e-mail it as e-mail is in London”

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  • RuthM

    'Sarah Jane was very fond of a man called Andrew in Trowbridge. She never kissed him.'

    She could have just Tweeted that and not bothered with the website. And then she wouldn't have had a section on 'Geneology'. And then I wouldn't have clicked on it. And then my retina wouldn't have detatched.

  • Anthony

    I thank you for putting this lovely website on here.

    Sarah Jane, Britain's most famous virgin, is very nice and has a group called the Sarah Jane Newbury Angels. They do good deeds and work around the world and she would like to hear from people interested in linking into the angels group who live in America. Sometimes members just uphold kindness and there is no financial fee to pay. I have been a friend of hers for twenty five years.

    Sarah Jane asked me to say she has been looking after a 97 year old grandmother a lot and also running some groups and doing two jobs, so she hasn’t had much rime, but she will improve and add to her website soon. She wants to show what work the Angels group do and to grow in numbers. Your link is heaven sent and has already helped raise the profile. She wants to get to know more people in America, then come over and all have a meeting in the summer.

    She says she will write in on here herself soon.

    She looks forward to thanking you herself. She says she will do an autobiography soon and your kindness and support will be mentioned.

    Member of the Angels Group

  • sanuk

    Ha ha, I'm betting the last three comments were written by Britain's most famous virgin herself…

  • sanuk

    Ha ha, I'm betting the last three comments were written by Britain's most famous virgin herself…

  • The woman is beautiful,I love her

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